Carla Bertone & Gonzalo Reyes Araos

Exhibition at Pavillon am Milchhof

September 2017

Pavillon am Milchhof presents Different Similarities, an exhibition hosting the work of the Berlin based artists Carla Bertone and Gonzalo Reyes Araos.

Both artists, interested in color and geometrical configurations, raise questions about the categories of perception and its relationship with the real-virtual surrounding space. This idea is manifestly reinforced by the set up of the exhibition that highlights the architectural transparency and symmetry of the Pavillon.

Bertone’s work “Colour Timeline series” challenges the color-perceptual capability trying to find out how many shades it is possible to find between two hues. These works stand not only for the subtleness and accuracy of her performance as a painter but for the philosophical implications regarding to the dichotomy argument (Zeno`s Paradox) in which the distance between two points might be infinite.

In a harmonic opposition, Reyes Araos’ work “RGBA-ABGR (0.8)” turns the Pavillon’s glass window into two augmented “pixels” by filtering the light of the ambiance through RGB colors. Red, green, and blue are the three colors constituting the pixels that structure digital screens, nowadays the reality that most the time we are staring at. This operates as a representation of the filter of our perception, coming up through this ubiquitous contemporary form of communication.

Juan Varela and Gonzalo Reyes Araos 

Exhibition at Meinblau Projecktraum, 20th – 23rd July 2017

As an extension of Social Geometrism (presented during the Gallery Weekend 2017 at Reinbeckhallen), we introduce Thresholds, an exhibition hosting the work of Juan Varela and Gonzalo Reyes Araos.

Thresholds displays a set of geometrical forms based on social phenomena. These artists investigate topics related to the body, – presence, distance, physical experience -, and its encounter facing concrete or virtual spaces.

Gonzalo uses elements borrowed from the everyday means of communication, – screens, videoconference devices -, in order to share natural events on digital media. His observations amplify the relationships we maintain with spiritual experiences through the technology.

Via simple instructions accompanying his installations and site-specific modifications in the public space, Juan’s work invites the audience to experience paths in an attempt to uprise sculptural forms through the act of walking. Therefore, he re-objectifies the artwork suggesting that it is built in the act of using it.

In the main room, we find both artists in a singular dialogue. This space has been immersed in a red, blue and green colored environment falling from the ceiling. This artificial environment varnishes an x-like shape structure which invites the audience to interact with other people. Both works, make a reference to an intangible reality experimented in the daily human life. This act of placing them together disguises a dual meaning, an arrangement in which virtual and physical references meet in a single space.



Am 8. August 2014 um 19:00 Uhr eröffnet der Schalterraum – Projektgalerie für Kunst, Arbeit und Geld seine dritte Ausstellung. Dazu laden wir Sie herzlich ein.

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Gonzalo Reyes Araos | Norio Takasugi

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Lightheart; view of installation

Lightheart; view of installation

Lightheart; view of installation

Lightheart; view of installation


Lightheart is an interactive installation displaying a circle of light projected on a wall. This reacts to stimulations of the ambiance and movements on the spot as an organism with its own life and of a peculiar matter. It shows light in the digital era, as a canal of communication carrying a new kind of organic matter: the digital matter.


Tour through a Skype conversation.

Distance relationships today are performed through mathematical codes traveling from one point to another on the planet. Redefining the imagery that defines social relationships. In these transmissions there are deformations of reality, these « capricious » codes taking their own life, they become reactors of a new universe, that is beyond own mathematical logic to which they were conceived.

« By the light » is a video made from images and sounds of Skype conversations with my family, they in Chile, I in Berlin.

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Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 15.06.37

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